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Give the gift of magic! Perfect around the holidays, but really, who doesn’t love magic year round? Gift cards are redeemable online and can be used to purchase tickets to the Rick Wilcox Show or merchandise.

Buying is easy. There are suggested gift card values below — enough for 1 ticket ($50), 2 tickets ($100), 3 tickets ($150), or 4 tickets ($200) in our premium seating area (see buying note at bottom). But, if you have a different amount in mind, no problem. Just select “manual amount” and enter any amount.

Then enter the recipient’s email address — or enter your email address instead if you prefer the printable gift card be sent directly to you so you can print it yourself and present it to them. Also enter your name as the sender, and a personalized message. After you complete checkout, an email resembling the Gift Card that previews below is sent to the recipient’s email with their Gift Card Code.

Buying in advance for special occasion coming up? Simply check the “Postpone Delivery” box and choose the date you want us to email the Gift Card to the recipient!

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GIFT CARD BUYING NOTE: When buying a Gift Card, you will also pay state and county sales tax (6.75%). This is for the convenience of your Gift Card recipient. Please know that the final value of the Gift Card will be for the FULL AMOUNT you pay, including sales tax.

In other words, if you purchase a Gift Card for $200, the actual redeemable value to the recipient is $213.50. By paying sales tax now, your gift is covering sales tax for them in advance of using their Gift Card for tickets or merchandise — they won’t need to pay anything extra! Rest assured, the full value of the gift you are giving is literally the TOTAL that you pay during checkout…

* If you prefer your Gift Card be sent directly to you, just enter your email for “Recipient’s email” and it will be sent to you so you can print the card and personally present it.