About the Rick Wilcox Show

Since opening their 550-seat Wisconsin Dells theater in 1999, master illusionists Rick & Suzan Wilcox have entertained & amazed thousands. The Rick Wilcox Show plays to packed audiences year-round and represents the best in Wisconsin Dells live entertainment that combines magic & comedy with their exceptional grand illusions and delightful on-stage chemistry.

Updated every year, their Wisconsin Dells live magic show features original fast-paced illusions that keep this awe-inspiring show fresh and fun. After getting to know Rick & Suzan on stage with their easy charm, quick wit and amazing illusions, you’ll have a chance to actually meet the stars after the show. Autographs and photos are a nightly routine at their magic fireplace next to the lobby and magic shop at the Rick Wilcox Theater.

Their family-friendly, award-winning show has put the Rick Wilcox Magic Theater on everyone’s “things to do in Wisconsin Dells” list as a must-see attraction for those visiting the Dells, the Midwest’s premier vacation destination. More than 1,100 reviews on TripAdvisor have made their live show the best of Wisconsin Dells entertainment. There’s no doubt, it’s pure magic.

The Rick Wilcox Theater was named Wisconsin’s best on the Reader’s Digest list of “The 50 Best Family Travel Destinations In Each State” — right along side places like Yellowstone National Park and Disneyland!

Best of all, audience reviews on TripAdvisor.com have ranked the Rick Wilcox Show the best entertainment & illusion show making it the overall #1 rated Wisconsin Dells Attraction!

Rick Wilcox: Living the Dream

Rick can’t remember exactly how old he was when he fell in love with magic. But he does remember getting his first magic kit when he was 10, and his first dove at 12. That led to his first entertainment gig performing at a neighborhood restaurant at 15.

But things started slowly for Rick professionally. While maintaining a part-time career in magic, Rick embarked on a successful career in sales for a leading medical equipment manufacturer armed with a communications degree and an inherent ease with people. On the entertainment side, Rick continued to perform on a part-time basis and quickly became a top name act for corporate events and national conventions. Soon his schedule was consumed with magic and he faced a life-changing choice. In 1988, he decided to pursue his dream by making magic a full-time vocation. Rick’s showmanship and quick wit is a tribute to the many years spent traveling and performing for audiences at thousands of events nationwide.

Then in 1999 the ultimate dream came true — the establishment of the Rick Wilcox Magic Theater. Rick and his wife & stage partner, Suzan, purchased a 550-seat theater in Wisconsin Dells, the Midwest’s top vacation destination. Since opening their theater, the Rick Wilcox Show has been a resounding success and become a favorite Wisconsin Dells attraction.

For Rick, no matter where he performs, it always comes down to entertaining.

Suzan Wilcox: Sidekick, Liaison, Ingénue

Suzan had no intention of joining Rick on stage when she married him. Her plan originally was to contribute on the business side of Rick’s productions.

Luckily, Rick had other ideas for Suzan’s career path. In Suzan, he saw an engaging, genuine personality that could become his perfect stage partner. His enthusiasm and persistence quickly won her over. Together, they created a memorable role for her that is part sidekick, part audience liaison, part elegant ingénue.

Now, after years of slithering her way in and out of countless tiny boxes and sticky situations, Suzan has also mastered the art of comic expression adding humor & fun to the show in a way that only she can. But audiences agree, it’s the on-stage chemistry she enjoys with Rick that is uniquely magical.

The Rick Wilcox Theater: A Story of Its Own

It’s more than just a venue. The Rick Wilcox Theater in Wisconsin Dells has its own story to tell. When Rick & Suzan Wilcox found the Theater, it had been unoccupied for about a month and was still thought of as the old “Country Legends Theater”. The 6,400 sq ft building traced its roots back to its original incarnation as a teen dance club in the late 1980s before its conversion into a country music theater in 1990.

Their first visit to the vacant theater lasted nearly 7 hours. Yes, SEVEN hours. While they stood on old worn out carpets, surveyed broken down auditorium seating, and stared at messy concession stands lying in shambles, Rick & Suzan were unfazed. In their mind’s eye, they were looking at sheer potential.

Sure there were flaws — plenty of them — but in this building that had failed twice in 6 years these Wisconsin natives were sure they had found the perfect venue to take them from a life on the road to performing almost nightly shows in one location, right in their backyard.

After several months of restoration with the help of family and friends, Rick & Suzan welcomed guests from area businesses for an open house and two debut shows. It was on May 19, 1999, that the doors opened for the first time and nearly 700 guests arrived at the newly-minted “Rick Wilcox Magic Theater” for the inaugural 1999 shows that featured only two light cues.

Today, the Rick Wilcox Magic Theater is open year-round and home to an award-winning Rick Wilcox Show featuring magic, grand illusions, and comedy with over 300 light cues and special effects. Through the talent and vision of Rick & Suzan Wilcox, this once decrepit old theater was transformed into a must-see Dells attraction.