Students Know, the Rick Wilcox Show is a ‘Fun Thing To Do’

We recently ran across an article from The Clarion, which bills itself as “The Student Voice of Madison Area Technical College”. One of the staff writers for MATC’s The Clarion, Mary SeGall, posted a list of “Fun Things To Do This Summer in Wisconsin” (thanks for the shout-out, Mary!).

Mary’s list reminded us of a common search we do whenever we’re visiting a place we aren’t very familiar with or haven’t been to before. Like you, we’re always interested in things to do when we travel, so we understand why it’s common to search for “things to do in Wisconsin Dells” when folks are planning their trip.

While this list is for Wisconsin as a whole, Mary does reference two things to do in Wisconsin Dells: The Rick Wilcox Show (of course!) and Elusive Escape Rooms. And we agree, both are great choices while you’re here in the Dells.

When mentioning our show, Mary says we, “put on a wonderful show full of humor and illusions that kept me wondering how in the world he does these illusions. I just recently went to see it, but I really want to go again to be quite honest. It is fun for the whole family!”

That’s awesome! Thank you, Mary. We’re so glad you not only came to the show, but that you want to come back. Her other stops in Wisconsin include things to do in Madison, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Oshkosh, Appleton and Lake Mills.

We love these sort of “things to do” lists, and we know how helpful they are to travelers. We appreciate being included in this list and we may just check out some of those other spots we haven’t been to yet…