New Season, New Illusions

Every year we add new, fun illusions to the show. And this year is no different. We’re excited to start working with a new illusion for the 2020 season. Many years of development went into this prop. And a LOT goes into every illusion we do. Here’s a little insight into what makes it all happen.

When a new illusion arrives at the theater in wooden crates it’s never quite perfect, but it’s always exciting to begin working through things. There is always something that needs to be adjusted — either for Susan in the prop or for me who needs to perform the illusion and do the “secret stuff” without the audience catching me. Of course, you know it’s not “real magic”, but we always need to make it look like it is!

That’s why all the little things with a new prop make a big difference. Once we get the prop working the way we need it to, we have to rehearse and practice until we get so comfortable with it that we can shift our concentration to the presentation. Then we have just the right music composed for the illusion. We also run through countless script revisions, and settle on what sort of costumes to have made. Sounds complicated, right? It really is!

Finally, it’s ready to go into the show — although sometimes for a variety of reasons an illusion may just never make it. Hopefully, in the end audiences will love it and it will become part of the show for seasons to come. We look forward to sharing our magic with you and bringing some joy to your 2020.

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