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Hole-in-the-paper Trick

Walk through a hole in a piece of paper? Yep!
See what to do below, and you’ll amaze your friends and family!

Here is what you do:

Download and print the PDF. Practice cutting out the lines on the paper just like it shows on the paper. After you have cut all the lines, you will see the paper unfolds into a huge hole!

After you have practiced with the sheet a few times, you will be able to cut any sheet of paper in this pattern. The effect of the trick is better if you use a blank piece.

Here is what you say:

“Do you think I can cut a hole in this regular piece of paper that is large enough for me to walk through?”

Make it even bigger.

If you get really good at this trick, you can start making tighter cuts so you can fit more of them onto a single page. The more cuts you get, the bigger the hole. If you get really tight, you could make a hole big enough for a car to drive through. You could also start with a smaller piece of paper to increase the effect of the trick.

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